a month of sundays

Sunday Night, November 14th

Looking back a day or so, it seems as though a month of Sundays have already passed. Yet in the midst of it, it really seemed like such a short day. Got up early and went to the local City Bible Church. As I watched the worship “band” and listened to the announcements in the large arena like setting it kinda reminded me of a scene from that Steve Martin movie where he danced and yelled and wore some crazy loud silver metallic clothing. I half expected someone to jump outta their seat and yell, “I been HEALED”! Lol. Seriously, I know it’s blasphemy to make fun of church and such, but it’s just one of those places where I think everybody at some point has uncontrollable thoughts that border inappropriate. And every church family is different, every energy is as well, this one happens to be very high-strung! Nonetheless, I sat thru the sermon on giving to the Harvest Faith Fund…which took an hour and a half *sigh, yawwwwwn*. The music was great though and everyone is sO nice there, almost creepy nice, ya know…like, “howdy whats yer name?”

When I got back from service I wandered around the house and picked up a bit, but since I opted not to clean any more til after my exam the only thing left to do was hit the books. And after many hours of studying and cursing at the chapter reviews & practice quizzes, I finally managed to swing myself into bed at 1am Sunday night (Monday morning actually) and prayed that my exam would go off without a hitch.

The morning bell woke me without fail and I scrambled to wake up, eat some breakfast and take one more look over some study material before heading out to the college. I had ample time to get lost but found my destination without delay and conquered the mightiest test of all! 90 minutes of high throttled anxiety as I tried to remember everything I had refreshed the day before. Only 2 or 3 problems I wasn’t 100% certain of, but I think the rest went well enough. I’m praying for at least 90% this time…or better of course! It will take at least a week or two before I get my score back from the instructor so there’s no sense in worrying about it now.

Off and on throughout the days and nights I’ve been chipping away at the living room because there’s such a HUGE PILE OF SHIT anchored dead center of everything. You can’t avoid it, you can’t walk through it, and you can barely see OVER it! I have so far filled up at least 4 boxes and 8-10 large paper bags full of more paper stuff; catalogs, newspapers, circular ads, old mail, napkins and more…in fact I put it in the car to haul it down to the recycle center tomorrow and it takes up the whole trunk AND the backseat of the Hyundai. At first glance, it may not look like I’ve accomplished very much, but if you look real close at the last two pictures you can see there is a large dent in the heap…

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It’s ridiculous that a good deal of this mess could have been cleaned out sooner if someone had just bagged it and once a week, or even once a month, taken one bag out at a time and put it in the bin…I still can’t wrap my head around that kind of laziness. But as I’ve been told in the past, it’s only my problem because it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else.

Sunday was a good day overall. Monday and my test rolled around without any hiccups and I finally felt like I could take a deep breath and relax and get down to business. But the inner Aloma decided to ditch work for a while and taunted me with an alluring thought and my ADD and OCD came a calling and somehow I ended up at one (or two) of my favorite haunts! That would be thrifting my uncertain friends. It’s the one thing I love to do anywhere, but especially when I’m away from home! It brings me back down to centered and calm, it soothes the savage beasty inside of my head. It allows for mindless wandering and sends my brain ticking in another direction entirely.

I dug up some lovely treasures…I do adore a great Goodwill find! And did I ever, I picked up a gorgeous lady head bust for my vintage collection (for sO cheap!) and an awesome centerpiece for my Womens Christmas Brunch at Grace Community Church next month. It’s just the piece I needed to finish off my Victorian Christmas theme, although it will need a total makeover and some Aloma touch added to make it sparkle! Yeah I know, like I need another project amongst the big daddy of them all…can you say O C D  –  A D D  ya’ll? Oh look, sparkles…


Relax. Breathe. Focus.

Tomorrow…see the results of an entire day of cleaning one little bathroom! *sO tired*


the road less traveled

Saturday Morning, November 13th

The road less traveled is far more inconvenient and challenging for the common person…so that’s the path I usually gravitate towards. I’m stubborn and sometimes impulsive but I’d like to think that I think most things through. So when this challenge was presented to me, I jumped up and shook my hand wildly in the hair screaming, yes, yes … I’ll do it! I booked my flight and THEN starting making arrangements. Would I be in for a rude awakening or would it bring me closer to my grandmother? Would I be exhausted, could I get it all done in only two weeks? Well I’ve been here for a mere two days and already I’m tired! I did however spend most of Sunday studying for my midterm and that kind of mental calamity can tire even the most spry of mind and body! and the fact that it’s been looming over me like a dark shadow for the last couple of weeks didn’t help. I’m so thankful its done now!

My flight from San Diego to Portland at 6:30am Saturday morning was less than desirable and if I actually enjoyed flying, it wouldn’t have been such a burden on my anxiety throttled body. And after a few bumps and dips and a couple of hours locked in thick cloud cover my arrival was gratuitous and welcomed. I managed to find my mom on the other side of the airport waiting for her outbound flight to see my little brother. Once I decided she was ok, I hiked down to get my luggage and caught a shuttle “home”.

I love my grandmother with all my might and I will never forget about the many years growing up with her that she made sure I cleaned certain things weekly, monthly and the infamous spring cleaning (ack). I grumbled and groaned every time the chores list was made up, but because of her diligence I am certain I became a more conscientious housekeeper myself. Over the years though I have been to visit her home in Vancouver and painstakingly picked my way thru the house, cringed at the moldy dishes and utensils left to rot in the kitchen and carefully avoided the many landslides that have continued to mount up to what now seems an insurmountable task to clear away. 

Then why I am still always surprised when I walk through those doors and there is hardly a place to set down my purse let alone a suitcase is still a mystery to me. I spun in circles a few times if nothing more than in sheer bewilderment of the awesome mess I volunteered to “clean sweep”. Then as I was planning my before and after attack, I realized my most important tool was amiss…I forgot to pack my dang camera. I immediately found a reason to slip out to the store so I could buy (borrow) one til I get mine sent up. Once I got that squared up and charged the batteries I set out to see the mess thru the lens. And when they say pictures speak a thousand words, I think they were wrong, cause I can only think of three when I walk into this tremendous mess of a hoarders paradise — Oh My God.


Relax. Breathe. Focus.

Tomorrow…see the transformation, the slow…painfully slow and cumbersome transformation.