kitchen katastrophe

December 12, 2010

Part #3 of 6

This was the first room in the house that I had to tackle…I just couldn’t bring myself to cook or EAT in there! As you can see the dining table was awash with things. It is constantly crushed with cans and boxes of dried food, among a load of other crap that nobody knows what to do with (or is simply too lazy to do anything with). It’s not uncommon for mom to go grocery shopping and buy many items that they already have stashed somewhere else. Too lazy to look or she just doesn’t care, I don’t know. So in order to make things a little easier and more accessible for both my mom and my gramma and hopefully prevent some of this stacking up on the dining table, I moved the pantry items into the house from the garage and the washroom. Gram can’t navigate the steps into the garage anyway so it made sense to do that for her.

What angered me most during the process of this part of the cleaning was how much waste there was. I dumped box after box of canned goods and several hefty trash bags of other food stuff that was no longer good or WAY out of date. I even found some canned goods hidden in some wood kitchen cabinets that were stashed in the front of the garage (way far away from the pantry area)…they were sitting on the ground by themselves which tells me they were probably a yard sale find and it was an odd place to store or hide something like food, so I’m assuming they were just put there after unloading the car and then forgotten. Either way, I felt guilt for having to toss it all. And then angry for my mom for having spent so much money on more stuff that would go unused.

It was shameful to see how much food made it to the dark side and how little was actually worth keeping.  I never did get to the freezers in the garage to clean them out … yes, two full size freezers sit in the garage pushing AC for food that is also bad and needs to be thrown out. Stocked full of old freeze burnt unrecognizable meats, breads, and stuff. When I went to visit in June I went to clean the pantry and noticed one of the doors ajar…upon closer inspection I realized there was a 2inch gap in the door, of solid ICE! No one had chipped it off to close the door in MONTHS! Mom said she knew about it and just didn’t fix it. It took me several hours to take every piece of food out and chip away all the ice that had built up on the door and the shelves that kept it from closing entirely. I was so pissed I could see red for days.

Anywho, the kitchen was another all day event and then the pantry was half a day…the dumpster was stuffed by the time they came to dump it…and probably heavier than heck too!


Relax. Breathe. Focus.


bathroom blues

December 11, 2010

Part #2 of 6

So you’ve probably seen most of these photos of the bathroom already, and considering all the work that needed to be done throughout the whole house, this room seemed easy enough…in my mind! As you can see by the photos, it was a lot more than simply straightening up a couple of extra bathroom items and makeup. I think I hauled out 3-4 hefty bags full of stuff…and had plenty more that I could have thrown away if I thought I wouldn’t get murderized by my mother! Turns out the bathroom was quite cozy with just a few minor tweaks, some new artwork on the wall and good scrubbing on the floor! I was right at home with the new floor rugs and room for my travel goodies too! =) Me Happy. Mom Happy. Win. Win. YAY!



Relax. Breathe. Focus.

living room limbo

December 10, 2010

Part #1 of 6

It’s been several weeks since I posted, 2 weeks and 2 days actually, because I had a meltdown on my birthday in the midst of the clean sweep extravaganza. Once I hit the wall, I knew I needed to step away from the keyboard and a few others things and live by my own mantra: Relax. Breathe. Focus. I felt like my world was coming undone in that tiny little house, with the mounds of crap scattered all over the place and my mere tiny pockets of success, and on top of that there were the math studies I had to be mindful of…whew. I also knew that somewhere somehow I would have to spend quality time with my gMa before I left and figure out how to prepare ourselves for the shitstorm my mother would bring upon us when she came home.

I worked diligently on the house for the remainder of my stay and managed to finish most everything. How I ever thought I could do both the house AND the garage, I do not know. Apparently I was having some sort of illusions of grandeur, but it was fun thinking it could be done! So even though I did pull up short on the entire project, each and every room got a makeover as well as every closet, drawer, nook and cranny. I managed to completely revamp every square inch of the house except my grammas room, the china cabinet and a few of the kitchen cabinets. Everything else was sorted, purged and discarded or rearranged. Only select things that were saved went out to the garage, most of it went to the Goodwill, 8 or 9 trips in total. Two full dumpsters of garbage. 5 car loads to the dump with extra paper goods. Countless items went to the curb for drivers-by to pickup. And a bunch of heavy stuff in the garage went to CraigsList fanatics. 

 I worked all the way up until 1pm on departure day, and then had an hours worth of last minute errands to run; Goodwill, Post Office, Grocery Store, Bank, etc. I finally put my tired butt in the chair about 3pm and sat with gMa till the shuttle came to pick me up later that evening. She kept watching the clock and cursed the quickly passing hours. She was really reluctant to see me leave and although exhausted and SO ready to be home again, I was also very reluctant to leave her. The trip was quite successful all in all and the pictures will never do it justice. They just don’t give you the same awesome feeling as it does in person.

There was so much work to be done, see for yourself. Click on any image within the blog text to get a larger version…


Relax. Breathe. Focus.

obsessive compulsive disorientation

Thursday, November 18th

Thursdays are the one day I plan my activities around the TV. . . I am shamefully addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and a close second is Private Practice. So I knew that whatever I tackled today would have to be finished and put away by 8:00pm so I could make time for dinner, put my jammies on and curl up in the chair for the big night in! There’s so much to do in this house though, my obsessive compulsive cleaning and organizing has gone from a disorder to disorientation! It’s alarming how blank my head feels at the end of the day…*shakeshake rattlerattle*

So I started my day by doing the usual; getting up early, writing to all of you lovely folks and then stealthily loading up the car with recyclables and Goodwill junk…errr stuff. I try to fill up boxes all day and night and then in one burst of energy first thing in the morning shove em out in the car. I filled up the Hyundai with some much stuff this time I was afraid I’d get pulled over…I felt like the little old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel! If only I had a truck here for this mess. If only I had some damn help! If only…

So the folks at the Goodwill will probably know me by first name by the time I leave. Some of em aren’t the smartest tools in the shed though. Both times I’ve pulled up and asked for help and they just walked a cart over to the car and watched me huff and puff for a few minutes wrangling boxes out of the back seat before they finally give me some assistance. I had to ask them for some boxes back this time too cause the house is still full of stuff and all my good boxes were going to them. I figured if they were getting all the stuff I’m getting rid of, surely they could be a bit more cooperative to help me along! The “helper” on duty didn’t see it that way, policy. Well I never met a policy I didn’t want to bend, not even a little!

The manager finally came out to talk about boxes and I told him I’d be back with at least another 4 or 5 car loads, I still had 2 bedrooms and a 2-car garage to sort out!  He was very kind and understanding and when he saw all the bins I had just loaded up, he quickly grabbed someone to empty boxes for me! The greasy wheel gets the squeak right? LOL I know, its backwards, but in this case…if you oil the cogwheels it helps it spin a lot easier! Cogwheels, manager, butter em up….yeah okkkkkkk. Moving on.

I cleaned took everything out the hall closets (except one) and completely reorganized them. I had to make room for things from the guest bedroom. And I’ve continued to sort mail and paper around my moms chair in the living room pretty much every night, tidy up a few things here and there and I did end up working on the other half of the guest bedroom for more than a few hours as hoped…I thought that project would NEVER get finished! I put a desk on Craigslist and a couple other small things grams said to kibosh. Once my eBay, Craigslist and study station is picked up, I’ll post some more pixys of the finished room. . .for now, well I need sustenance, I’m starving and certainly burning lots of calories on this trip!


Relax. Breathe. Focus.

Tomorrow…it’s a mystery ScoobyDoo!