“Bowl” of Cherries

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t believe I ever thought getting up at 1:30AM would be a good idea. Loading up the truck with more stuff than it naturally holds. Telling my better half it will be FUNN. All of these things have basically tumbled from my lips this week in an effort to convince everyone and myself that selling at the Rose Bowl Flea Market would be an epic event for Refab Resale. . .but, I did. And here I am waiting to hit the road with my wares. Too late to turn back now. Let’s hope the coffee and Aleve get me thru the long morning to follow. Let’s hope the people flock to my booth to buy lots of my goodies. Let’s hope I’m not wrong about the 20,000 + people that will meander past my booth to peruse the endless tables of treasures. Let’s hope I really have to do this again next month. Let’s hope the Rose Bowl Flea Market is a bowl of cherries and not a big ole waste of time.

You may think this looks ok, but inside the cab is stuffed to the gills. Every single crevice of this truck is packed with stuff. I assure you, it will be a long bumpy and cramped ride to Pasadena … all 2.5-3hrs of it.

Now while you other folks are sleeping soundly, or just getting to sleep…know that I will be starting a new adventure. One that I hope will wear me out and make me anticipate the next road trip to another city, another day, another month for a good long time. Peace out yo. Happy Sunday!





IMG_7477Man, have I been a little sidetracked from my blog lately? Geez, almost a month has passed. Well there’s good reason for that. I have been selling my little pants off! Thank God for that. Since I last posted I participated in the Lobos Country Store Open Market, the Ramona Certified Farmers Market (x2), the San Diego Vintage Flea Market and a yard sale! PLUS I’ve had lotsa sales in my Etsy AND eBay stores! March was by far my best selling month to date and I’m so grateful for all the buyers, fellow sellers and of course my BF who is the bestest…out there helping me on his days off =)

oak vanity doneMy life wouldn’t be complete without picking so you KNOW I’ve done some of that and found some absolutely amazing finds. I literally found an $8 item at the thrift store one day and turned around the next week and sold it for a whopping $330! Now T H A T’s what I’m talking about! wooopty woop. If I could do that every week, I could leave my “other” job and be cool like that all the time. Lol!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd as if picking fab treasures and selling them wasn’t enough, I just had to have these two pieces of furniture…and I just HAD to refinish them! The vanity I’m selling and once the “desk” is refabbed it is m i n e all mine! Can’t wait to have a little more time for refinishing, I’m starting a collection in my washroom/project shed! Guess there’s plenty of time for sleep in the afterlife…but I better get busy while I’m stil breathing. Happy picking ya’ll!


Everlasting pickfest

IMG_6540I love Wednesdays. Know why? Well it’s not because of some silly talking camel that’s for sure! San Diego now hosts one of the largest nighttime swap meets ANYWHERE! So after work I slipped into my chucks, grabbed my messenger bag, counted out some loot and scooted off to the Q. I gave the man my money and a coupon for admission and $1 later, I started walking “the grid”. I immediately found a couple of really cool items, like this vintage tweed French of California makeup/traincase. Not all the vendors were setup yet so I ended up walking the acres TWICE. No problem…I love looking at everything twice, just to make sure I don’t miss any awesome treasures! Yeah I know…OCD! As I was making my way back on the second round I came across a lot of junk and jewelry and stufffff.

I don’t normally buy lots of jewelry but I was drawn to this shoebox of trinkets…all tangled and looking full of potential so I made an offer on the entire box! I also grabbed a couple of fabulous cast iron skillets and a few more trinkets. IMG_6539I have learned to give myself a budget whenever I go picking anywhere and I’m proud to say I actually stayed under today – I spent less than $100! BUT…there were two items that I spied today I wish I could have and would have made an offer on, oh well cest la vie. Once I start sifting thru this shoebox though, I’m certain I’ll feel pretty good about todays pickins. Speaking of shoebox……I really have to go now. I have yet to check my booty of loot to see what’s in there and it’s driving me crazy right now! So, I’ll come back tomorrow and tell you what I find, what it’s worth and where you can buy it =)

treasure troll

I hope to find more treasure like this!

I hope to find more treasure like this!

So I have put over 50 items in my new Etsy store (www.refabresale.com) just in the last couple of days. Whew! But I literally have 100’s (if not 1000’s) more items and trinkets to post…but what do I want to do right now???? go treasure hunting!!! Researching all of the pieces I have now only makes me want to go out and find pieces that I DONT have yet. I’m yearning for colored glass and silky milk satiny vases and sparkly shiny baubles.

It’s been sO long since I’ve held a new treasure, since I’ve spied something from across the room and thought, I H A V E to grab that before some other troll gets it…since I’ve felt the thrill and anticipation of searching for that discount tag price. The race to get to it before anybody else finds out what it is…oOh man, it’s time to swing outta my jammies, throw on a hat and hit the road. I need some retail therapy! Wish me luck!