I’ve always been an admirer of antiques, however because I have always been an “apartment dweller” I never thought I had room for them. Not to mention the price tags…champaigne taste on a beer budget…but something changed in my line of thinking last year and I decided to open myself up to refinishing a few pieces for a new antique consignment booth. (So how did most of those initial pieces end up in my apt?!? LOL) Well nearly a year later and after many many long hours of sanding, stripping and more sanding, cleaning and staining I do have a few established pieces in my house as well as several very nice pieces that have gone on to better homes. It has been rewarding and exhausting all at the same time! I currently host an 8x10ft space at The Antique Village in San Marcos. Come by and check us out sometime, there’s really something for everybody!!!

Antique Village ~ BOOTH #13
850 Los Vallecitos Boulevard
San Marcos, CA 92069-1432 map


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