About Me

bwWho am I? Well I’ve been told I have a movie star name, which would make sense, afterall my gramma is my namesake and she was named after a character in an old movie “Aloma of the South Seas”. I have a stupid twisted sense of humor, which I also get from gram. I’m the girl next door. I’m a glamour queen. I’m a tomboy. I am a jack of all trades and master of none. I love lots of things…as you will see. Family. Friends. Camping. Fishing. Driving. Shopping. Antiques. Vintage jewelry. Lakes. Sunroofs. Pretty Eyes. Lifted trucks. Cats. Ponieees. R*H*I*N*E*STONES. Traveling. Music. FOOD. RedBull. Coffee. Computers. Internet. FaceBook. Long days. Short naps. Quiet. Suntanned skin. Jeans. Tank tops. Flip flops. eBay. Treasure hunting. Estate sales. Oak. Flowers. The smell of fresh cut grass. Pony sweat. Chickens. Goats. Peacocks. Working hard. Being lazy. Sanding wood. My doggie. GOD.


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