“Bowl” of Cherries

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t believe I ever thought getting up at 1:30AM would be a good idea. Loading up the truck with more stuff than it naturally holds. Telling my better half it will be FUNN. All of these things have basically tumbled from my lips this week in an effort to convince everyone and myself that selling at the Rose Bowl Flea Market would be an epic event for Refab Resale. . .but, I did. And here I am waiting to hit the road with my wares. Too late to turn back now. Let’s hope the coffee and Aleve get me thru the long morning to follow. Let’s hope the people flock to my booth to buy lots of my goodies. Let’s hope I’m not wrong about the 20,000 + people that will meander past my booth to peruse the endless tables of treasures. Let’s hope I really have to do this again next month. Let’s hope the Rose Bowl Flea Market is a bowl of cherries and not a big ole waste of time.

You may think this looks ok, but inside the cab is stuffed to the gills. Every single crevice of this truck is packed with stuff. I assure you, it will be a long bumpy and cramped ride to Pasadena … all 2.5-3hrs of it.

Now while you other folks are sleeping soundly, or just getting to sleep…know that I will be starting a new adventure. One that I hope will wear me out and make me anticipate the next road trip to another city, another day, another month for a good long time. Peace out yo. Happy Sunday!




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