The Time To Buy Is Now

Man have I been super busy with my resale biz. I certainly can’t complain because this is my favoritist (is that even a word???) job ever! I love the thrill of the hunt and the thrill of the research and of course the thrill of the ChaChing my little phone makes when something sells. But there’s a reason they say, the time to buy is now…when it’s in your hands.

I went to shop the swap a few weeks back and I found some great stuff. It felt so awesome bargaining and sifting thru the junk. But on my adventure I picked up a few little trinkets from a gentleman who tried to sell me on the other pieces he found in the same lot, stuff in the drawer of a rich old ladies bedside dresser. It contained the sterling ring, ring sizer, and jewelry box I wanted…plus a silver’ish ring setting, another jewelry box and a sizing rod. Had I picked up the extra pieces it would have only cost me an extra $3. THREE dollars! but no, I passed on those lessor ‘desirable’ pieces.

Fast forward 2-3 weeks later. I couldn’t help but hear in the back of my head what that guy kept saying about that ring possibly being unmarked platinum. I mean who tries to sell you something that great for the cost of a cup of coffee? I just shook my head and said nah, I don’t need it. (And btw the sizing rod would have come in handy several times already, so I will never pass up one of those again. duh.) So I went to shop the swap yesterday and I still can’t shake the feeling I should have just forked over the extra few bucks and been done…and as I walked the grid, I was really hoping by some slim chance he might be there again…and he was. But without said items. But he remembered me, and was sure to tell me about that ring I passed on. Platinum. Yup, had it tested and sold it for $300. The very same ring setting I had in my hand and put back! That’s a rooky mistake I will never make again. You have to sometimes take chances in this industry and for a mere three friggin dollars I could have made my shop the swap day E P I C. because he sold it to a dealer which means he only got 1/2 of it’s retail value. Ugh.

So next time when you see something you like or have an inclination that it might actually be worth something, buy it. Like, NOW.



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