Sunday Funday

As you may know “winter” has come to San Diego…and of course it lasted all of about 3-4 days and has now moved along! The most rain we’ve seen in years perhaps. So of course, I was jonesing for a good pick but chose to stay indoors to stay safe from the rain, wind and hail! During the midst of the epic storm I spent a lot of time cleaning up my Etsy store, reviewing listings, updating shipping and cleaning up some dingy photos. Of course I couldn’t help but to add a few newbs to the catalog of items as well. I can hardly believe the store now has 330+ listings!!! I remember when I started with 50. It may not seem like much a of a stretch but you also have to consider the 110+ sales I’ve had while adding on to the list! Whew…that’s a lot of packing paper and tape.

I posted some amazing religious items this week. One of which was a lot of 45pieces of Catholic religious prayer cards and remembrance funeral cards. They are lovely and reminiscent of another time and place. Paper ephemera has always been an enigma to me…love the colors and styles but never had the forethought to “make” something cool with them. I have many more items sitting in the queue to be added sometime in the future. But for now, here’s a peek at what I posted —>





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