Rooster Fetish

So I was originally gonna title this post “Cock Fetish” but I didn’t want a slew of porn purveyors hanging out looking for the goods. Pervo’s. lol. Ahem, so anyway…I do have a slight rooster fetish in my house, mostly in the kitchen. I have upgraded to some fancier more expensive pieces over the years and my favs are by far, Fitz & Floyd. The colors and quality of F&F is awesome and unbeatable. But the prices are outta this world so secondhand shopping has proven a much happier way to collect this fabu pieces!

Right now, as we speak, I have about several adorable roosters in my kitchen…um, not real ones – otherwise I’d REALLY have some issues, not to mention a huge mess…some really cool ceramic, porcelain and even pottery roosters are hanging out scattered about the counters. So why I thought I absolutely needed this adorable rooster lamp for my kitchen…is beyond me! Other than the fact that it is completely ADORBS! With the colors and styling it totally reminds me of an F&F but it isn’t marked. I could seriously try and cram it somewhere amongst the others but honestly…I hate a cluttered kitchen more than anything. I even hide my appliances if I don’t use them daily.

I’m hoping someone will see this cute little fellow and want him for their very own…as much as I’ve tried to I just can’t find a place for him here. He is clean of chips and cracks and he works! Asking price will be $15 rooster lamp


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