It’s been awhile

IMG_6489Wow, the last time I posted here I had just started listing some of my wares in my new and exciting Etsy store…now it hosts over 300 items on any given day! And I’ve had over 100 sales!!! Amazeballs! It’s been lots of work; shopping, cleaning, researching, prepping, photographing, listing, packing & shipping! But well worth every hard earned penny and every second of bleary eyed hours staring at a computer screen. The only time I’m not thinking about picking and selling is in my sleep…and even then it’s questionable, especially if I have a piece I’m really stoked about or one that I’m miffed over because I can’t locate a maker.

Just today I stopped in to one of my favorite haunts and I found this lovely little art deco style ring for .99 cents! It took me all of 5 minutes to figure out what the heck it was,which in itself was a little disappointing because the hunt and then the research are my two fav things about this “job”. I must say that when something isn’t really worth a whole lot it is a little disappointing, butttttttt I did identify it as a vintage Damascene Bird of Paradise and it appears to have REAL gold inlaid. It sounds all fancy schmancy, but it really isn’t worth more than $15. It’s cute tho and it fits my hand real well. But at least now I know for the future. . .not to get sO excited if I ever come across another. Next!


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