Red Tier Table

I found this cute little two tiered table at the thrift store a few weeks back, I paid a little bit more than I wanted to for it, but it was so darn cute and very sturdy. It sat in my car for a week and on my porch for another! So after two weeks of waiting for some new life to be bred into it, I finally grabbed a can of metallic gold spray paint and gave it a quick once over. I know, you’re probably thinking “WHAT? Spray paint?…on wood…? ewh”. But I assure you, I took a class one day and this is what I learned as being an acceptable practice for distressing a piece of furniture. I have to admit as a die hard refinisher, spray painting a perfectly good wood table felt very wrong. Lol. Once the sparkly gold paint dried I pulled out my favorite Annie Sloan chalk paint in primer red, and on it went. Oh how I’ve missed being crafty! I pulled back and looked at this dark mess of paint and thought to myself, “I really should have stripped it and stained it…no way is THAT gonna come out good!” After awhile I did a little extra distressing with a sponge and a few good rubs here and there and let it dry some more. The final touch was the mis mash of dark and clear finishing wax, globbed onto my now distressed brush I liberally splattered all over the table…this is so much fun! The final, final step was rubbing off the excess and polishing it. I have to admit, it came out quite a bit nicer than I ever expected it to and now I’m pondering whether to take it to the Ramona Farmers Market with me tomorrow or leave it at home cause it matches desk I painted primer red – minus the gold underneath…but it’s never too late to have a do over!!! I’m sure in the this adorbs little table will make it on the truck, and when it does you better snatch it up quick before I change my mind! I’ll be asking $40 for it.




Shoebox of Dreams

shoebox of dreamsWhew…after about 4-5hrs, I finally finished untangling the mess from my shoebox full of trinkets and treasures. It was so exciting to see everything unravel one piece at a time. Unfortunately one of the reasons I grabbed this box was because there were a lot of cufflinks, the majority, as it turns out were random onsies. But there was lots of gold, silver, costume plated, cuff links, tie clips, earrings, bracelets, pins and more that are well on there way to becoming someone’s new treasure! Lots and lots of stuffff. Tomorrow I’ll start doing the real work and begin photographing, researching and pricing everything. Then it gets tagged and listed! I still have a  lot of work ahead of me on this box of loot but it will totally be worth it!

Everlasting pickfest

IMG_6540I love Wednesdays. Know why? Well it’s not because of some silly talking camel that’s for sure! San Diego now hosts one of the largest nighttime swap meets ANYWHERE! So after work I slipped into my chucks, grabbed my messenger bag, counted out some loot and scooted off to the Q. I gave the man my money and a coupon for admission and $1 later, I started walking “the grid”. I immediately found a couple of really cool items, like this vintage tweed French of California makeup/traincase. Not all the vendors were setup yet so I ended up walking the acres TWICE. No problem…I love looking at everything twice, just to make sure I don’t miss any awesome treasures! Yeah I know…OCD! As I was making my way back on the second round I came across a lot of junk and jewelry and stufffff.

I don’t normally buy lots of jewelry but I was drawn to this shoebox of trinkets…all tangled and looking full of potential so I made an offer on the entire box! I also grabbed a couple of fabulous cast iron skillets and a few more trinkets. IMG_6539I have learned to give myself a budget whenever I go picking anywhere and I’m proud to say I actually stayed under today – I spent less than $100! BUT…there were two items that I spied today I wish I could have and would have made an offer on, oh well cest la vie. Once I start sifting thru this shoebox though, I’m certain I’ll feel pretty good about todays pickins. Speaking of shoebox……I really have to go now. I have yet to check my booty of loot to see what’s in there and it’s driving me crazy right now! So, I’ll come back tomorrow and tell you what I find, what it’s worth and where you can buy it =)

Rooster Fetish

So I was originally gonna title this post “Cock Fetish” but I didn’t want a slew of porn purveyors hanging out looking for the goods. Pervo’s. lol. Ahem, so anyway…I do have a slight rooster fetish in my house, mostly in the kitchen. I have upgraded to some fancier more expensive pieces over the years and my favs are by far, Fitz & Floyd. The colors and quality of F&F is awesome and unbeatable. But the prices are outta this world so secondhand shopping has proven a much happier way to collect this fabu pieces!

Right now, as we speak, I have about several adorable roosters in my kitchen…um, not real ones – otherwise I’d REALLY have some issues, not to mention a huge mess…some really cool ceramic, porcelain and even pottery roosters are hanging out scattered about the counters. So why I thought I absolutely needed this adorable rooster lamp for my kitchen…is beyond me! Other than the fact that it is completely ADORBS! With the colors and styling it totally reminds me of an F&F but it isn’t marked. I could seriously try and cram it somewhere amongst the others but honestly…I hate a cluttered kitchen more than anything. I even hide my appliances if I don’t use them daily.

I’m hoping someone will see this cute little fellow and want him for their very own…as much as I’ve tried to I just can’t find a place for him here. He is clean of chips and cracks and he works! Asking price will be $15 rooster lamp