Techy Dork Supersized

Ok so anybody that knows me, pretty much knows that I’m a techy dork.  I get all geeked out over new bad a$$ technology … usually the kind that is really sleek, complicated and really expensive! I’ve always had a love for gadgets and I’ve always prided myself in my ability to keep up with them over the years. So why has it taken me sO very long to upgrade?!?

Let’s step back in time about 13 or 15yrs ago. I had a desktop, a laptop, AND a PDA and probably a few other little gizmos as well. After some debate (internally) I decided to eliminate all the other garbage and just have ONE! Go figure. I wanted the badest coolest, fasted smalllllllest laptop ever! Step in my Dell Inspiron 700m. I built it myself on and anxiously waited for like the longest week ever to have it delivered and have never once regretted the $1500 I spent on it and the printer I ordered. Although the printer is long gone because, quite frankly, it was hugenormous and I replaced it just two short years ago for a wireless deal.

Enter now my NEW Dell…I finally decided after all these years to purchase a new computer.  I simply outgrew my little shortstack (12″ screen and a shorty keyboard). This thing was worth every penny I spent on it as I’ve only had to replace the hard drive and clear out a few viruses over the years! Plus I opted for an additional external hard drive a few years back for extra storage…I take LOTS of pictures and had tons of music files!

So after deciding that I wanted a big girl machine (no more laptops) I checked out the iMac…wOw those are some pricey machines! Why I would jump from a PC to a Mac? Well I always heard that once you go Mac, you never go back…well hell…those things are so damned expensive you better ride that sh*t till the wheels fall off! Who can afford not to? shesh. But an all-in-one really seemed the way to go for this gal, I like my space (I’m a Sagittarius and that’s what it says in my chart too).

My gut kept telling me that what I really wanted and needed to do was look at another Dell, after all I had no complaints about the one I’ve owned thus far. And the fact that it was HALF the price of a Mac didn’t hurt either. So I obsessed for about two weeks before finally biting the bullet and I ordered up a cute little thing (23″ screen) online, added a couple of my fav software packs and sat back waiting for a shipped notification!

Trying to be the crafty frugal girl that I am, I decided that I must pay for my purchase using my PayPal card. I wanted to reap the benefit of the cash back points. SO I submitted my order and tragically failed on that lesson. My PayPal card needed “backup” funding and Dell frowns on this…which in turn I frown upon since it delayed my order by two whole days. And to make matters worse, it was already too late in the evening to get anyone on their customer support line. Boo. So I had to wait till the next business day to get it resolved.

I must say I love their products but I was a bit stymied at their lack of fine customer service. In order to put a new card # in place I first had to cancel my original order and then place a new order. At this point I decided I couldn’t possibly wait more than a day so I also wanted to change my shipping to overnight…what the heck it was only $15 more from what I originally selected.  I had to put on my mean girl voice (rather than hear me sound desperate and at their mercy) and demand that someone take my money N O W. After about an hour of being transferred, hungup on and in general totally confused about the process, I finally gave the nice girl my info and sat back in relief.

My new DellNow the waiting game. It still took two days to ship the order, but as promised it was here the very next day. I also got free next day delivery because of the runaround on the phones and without a doubt, a great deal on a great computer. Just a few short days later and here I am, sitting here in my jammies typing this post on my new Dell Inspiron One 23. 23″ of all in one supercalifragilistic computer. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a piece of tech equipment more than this. Although Windows 8 is going to take a LOT of getting used to from my meager Windows XP OS. Somehow…I think I’ll manage!

p.s. As a sidenote, when I called PayPal to find out how to resolve the issue…they went above and beyond for me that day. I was so impressed with their customer service! AWESOME!


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