living room limbo

December 10, 2010

Part #1 of 6

It’s been several weeks since I posted, 2 weeks and 2 days actually, because I had a meltdown on my birthday in the midst of the clean sweep extravaganza. Once I hit the wall, I knew I needed to step away from the keyboard and a few others things and live by my own mantra: Relax. Breathe. Focus. I felt like my world was coming undone in that tiny little house, with the mounds of crap scattered all over the place and my mere tiny pockets of success, and on top of that there were the math studies I had to be mindful of…whew. I also knew that somewhere somehow I would have to spend quality time with my gMa before I left and figure out how to prepare ourselves for the shitstorm my mother would bring upon us when she came home.

I worked diligently on the house for the remainder of my stay and managed to finish most everything. How I ever thought I could do both the house AND the garage, I do not know. Apparently I was having some sort of illusions of grandeur, but it was fun thinking it could be done! So even though I did pull up short on the entire project, each and every room got a makeover as well as every closet, drawer, nook and cranny. I managed to completely revamp every square inch of the house except my grammas room, the china cabinet and a few of the kitchen cabinets. Everything else was sorted, purged and discarded or rearranged. Only select things that were saved went out to the garage, most of it went to the Goodwill, 8 or 9 trips in total. Two full dumpsters of garbage. 5 car loads to the dump with extra paper goods. Countless items went to the curb for drivers-by to pickup. And a bunch of heavy stuff in the garage went to CraigsList fanatics. 

 I worked all the way up until 1pm on departure day, and then had an hours worth of last minute errands to run; Goodwill, Post Office, Grocery Store, Bank, etc. I finally put my tired butt in the chair about 3pm and sat with gMa till the shuttle came to pick me up later that evening. She kept watching the clock and cursed the quickly passing hours. She was really reluctant to see me leave and although exhausted and SO ready to be home again, I was also very reluctant to leave her. The trip was quite successful all in all and the pictures will never do it justice. They just don’t give you the same awesome feeling as it does in person.

There was so much work to be done, see for yourself. Click on any image within the blog text to get a larger version…


Relax. Breathe. Focus.


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