off the grid

Monday, November 22nd

Been off the grid all day running errands…grocery shopping, delivering Goodwill donations, going to the post office, shuffling Craigslist stuff, preparing things to ship for eBay…making lunch, making dinner, breaking down boxes…*catching my breath*. And now I’m just gonna try to enjoy the rest of the evening, it should be relaxing now that I’ve finally eaten something. I just have to unload the shelves in the kitchen, move the pantry items from outside in, throw out the old canned goods, move the coffee stuff, make room for the dry goods in the kitchen, sort old plastic containers…*catching my breath* and then, well then it’ll be time for bed no doubt.

And when I wake in the morning, it’ll be my birthday – do you really think that’ll slow me down? Doubtful. But I will go treat myself to a latte and some coffee cake, enjoy the cold weather (maybe some snow even!) and call a few friends. And when I’m done with that, I’ll move moms furniture, clear the living room for the chimney sweep to come in, vacuum the floors, clean out the hall closet, etc etc etc……………….


Relax. Breathe. Focus.

Tomorrow…proof that there IS a floor and another wall in my moms bedroom! Astounding.


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