obsessive compulsive disorientation

Thursday, November 18th

Thursdays are the one day I plan my activities around the TV. . . I am shamefully addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and a close second is Private Practice. So I knew that whatever I tackled today would have to be finished and put away by 8:00pm so I could make time for dinner, put my jammies on and curl up in the chair for the big night in! There’s so much to do in this house though, my obsessive compulsive cleaning and organizing has gone from a disorder to disorientation! It’s alarming how blank my head feels at the end of the day…*shakeshake rattlerattle*

So I started my day by doing the usual; getting up early, writing to all of you lovely folks and then stealthily loading up the car with recyclables and Goodwill junk…errr stuff. I try to fill up boxes all day and night and then in one burst of energy first thing in the morning shove em out in the car. I filled up the Hyundai with some much stuff this time I was afraid I’d get pulled over…I felt like the little old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel! If only I had a truck here for this mess. If only I had some damn help! If only…

So the folks at the Goodwill will probably know me by first name by the time I leave. Some of em aren’t the smartest tools in the shed though. Both times I’ve pulled up and asked for help and they just walked a cart over to the car and watched me huff and puff for a few minutes wrangling boxes out of the back seat before they finally give me some assistance. I had to ask them for some boxes back this time too cause the house is still full of stuff and all my good boxes were going to them. I figured if they were getting all the stuff I’m getting rid of, surely they could be a bit more cooperative to help me along! The “helper” on duty didn’t see it that way, policy. Well I never met a policy I didn’t want to bend, not even a little!

The manager finally came out to talk about boxes and I told him I’d be back with at least another 4 or 5 car loads, I still had 2 bedrooms and a 2-car garage to sort out!  He was very kind and understanding and when he saw all the bins I had just loaded up, he quickly grabbed someone to empty boxes for me! The greasy wheel gets the squeak right? LOL I know, its backwards, but in this case…if you oil the cogwheels it helps it spin a lot easier! Cogwheels, manager, butter em up….yeah okkkkkkk. Moving on.

I cleaned took everything out the hall closets (except one) and completely reorganized them. I had to make room for things from the guest bedroom. And I’ve continued to sort mail and paper around my moms chair in the living room pretty much every night, tidy up a few things here and there and I did end up working on the other half of the guest bedroom for more than a few hours as hoped…I thought that project would NEVER get finished! I put a desk on Craigslist and a couple other small things grams said to kibosh. Once my eBay, Craigslist and study station is picked up, I’ll post some more pixys of the finished room. . .for now, well I need sustenance, I’m starving and certainly burning lots of calories on this trip!


Relax. Breathe. Focus.

Tomorrow…it’s a mystery ScoobyDoo!


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