shake off the dirty

Tuesday, November 16

With schoolwork behind me (the hard part anyway), I woke up early, had some oatmeal, played on the computer a bit and figured I’d better start cleaning something. My moms bathroom would be a good place to start because somehow I had convinced myself it would be a piece of cake. Before I arrived at my grammas, I had also envisioned that every day I would do one room of the house, minus the living room – I knew that would take much longer than one day. And in order to relax entirely I have to be able to function in the rooms I utilize, (I think this is where part of my OCD kicks in), so a clean bathroom would just make me “feel” better about getting other stuff done. Who wants to get showered and clean in an ugly bathroom…makes you want to shake off the dirty when you get it….brrrr. 

So off I went armed with two small boxes and one trash bag. However…it was a beast of a task that I never imagined would take me an entire day (plus several hours the next day)! I first cleared everything off the counter and filled up the tub with her ‘neccessities’ like hairspray, face creams, brushes, makeup, etc. I was stunned to see how many of those things used to belong to me…in high school! She had kept everything I have ever given to her basically, all the sample lipsticks and trial sizes that come in the purchase with purchase or gift with purchase cosmetics and skin care kits.

I used to work for Lancome and Prescriptives many years ago (more than 10)as a Beauty consultant. When you do that kind of work they give you lots of free gratis products and leftover trial sizes…so I’d pass on to her what I didn’t want. And she kept em. I have asked her in the past about things I knew where old and she simply said she had em because I gave them to her. Nevermind that they were curdled, oily, dried out or putrid. *yuck* I even found some powdered lipstick, tanning spray and hair gloss that I know were from high school or right after! That’s crazy.

So I removed all the counter stuff, took the 3piece wicker stands out into the hallway and looked at the engraved dirt mark on the floor. *eck*. I knew a broom or a simple mop wouldn’t cut that job, so off to the store I rant o get a swiffer wetjet thingy and some wetpads. I also decided before I left that her bathroom needed a couple updated pieces for the sink and a new area rug…aren’t I a nice daughter? Well some might think…but mom will be mad as hell when she finds out I threw out 3 hefty bags of stuff!

Once I dug back in I had to remove all the old cleaning supplies sitting next to the toilet, which I find incredibly ironic…cleaning supplies covered in spider webs and gobs of cathair and dust…perhaps someone should have “used” those supplies to clean up that pigsty? I ended up clearing everything out of the bathroom either in the tub or in the hall, got on all fours, yeah Cinderella is my hero, and scrubbed. It took me 30 minutes to power scrub that floor. It was the nastiest dirtiest floor ever, even Mike Rowe would have been proud! I took another small respite to plan my attack on how to get everything put back…

With my organizational brain in place I slowly began finding a new place for everything that once sat out on the counter and on every other inch of surface. I put all the haris stuff in one drawer, all the makeup went in plastics, placed the perfume on a decorative tray, so on and so forth. It took me many hours to get it all “just right”, but when I was done it shined like a new penny in there. I bought some cute apothecary jars for the q-tips and cotton balls, filled up the new soap dispenser and laid down the new rug. I also found a cute reed diffuser and carefully placed a daily inspiration book right in front of the toiley…

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The project lasted all day and night. Gramma kept checking on me, “You gonna work all day and night?” “Yup”. I was exhausted after this little room and when it was all said and done I spent two more hours on Wednesday clearing out the products under the sink and the other two drawers. Mom had a drawer in there that has been “broken” for years…it was simply off the track and just needed some adjustment…handywoman Aloma to the rescue! Now when I walk by, it just smells clean. It’s inviting, warm and comfortable … poor thing won’t last til Christmas though…the clean counters are just an invitation to replenish what I threw away -> 3 full hefty bags and several boxes plus a few things that I’m putting on eBay later …


Relax. Breathe. Focus.

Tomorrow…treasure hunting…


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