the road less traveled

Saturday Morning, November 13th

The road less traveled is far more inconvenient and challenging for the common person…so that’s the path I usually gravitate towards. I’m stubborn and sometimes impulsive but I’d like to think that I think most things through. So when this challenge was presented to me, I jumped up and shook my hand wildly in the hair screaming, yes, yes … I’ll do it! I booked my flight and THEN starting making arrangements. Would I be in for a rude awakening or would it bring me closer to my grandmother? Would I be exhausted, could I get it all done in only two weeks? Well I’ve been here for a mere two days and already I’m tired! I did however spend most of Sunday studying for my midterm and that kind of mental calamity can tire even the most spry of mind and body! and the fact that it’s been looming over me like a dark shadow for the last couple of weeks didn’t help. I’m so thankful its done now!

My flight from San Diego to Portland at 6:30am Saturday morning was less than desirable and if I actually enjoyed flying, it wouldn’t have been such a burden on my anxiety throttled body. And after a few bumps and dips and a couple of hours locked in thick cloud cover my arrival was gratuitous and welcomed. I managed to find my mom on the other side of the airport waiting for her outbound flight to see my little brother. Once I decided she was ok, I hiked down to get my luggage and caught a shuttle “home”.

I love my grandmother with all my might and I will never forget about the many years growing up with her that she made sure I cleaned certain things weekly, monthly and the infamous spring cleaning (ack). I grumbled and groaned every time the chores list was made up, but because of her diligence I am certain I became a more conscientious housekeeper myself. Over the years though I have been to visit her home in Vancouver and painstakingly picked my way thru the house, cringed at the moldy dishes and utensils left to rot in the kitchen and carefully avoided the many landslides that have continued to mount up to what now seems an insurmountable task to clear away. 

Then why I am still always surprised when I walk through those doors and there is hardly a place to set down my purse let alone a suitcase is still a mystery to me. I spun in circles a few times if nothing more than in sheer bewilderment of the awesome mess I volunteered to “clean sweep”. Then as I was planning my before and after attack, I realized my most important tool was amiss…I forgot to pack my dang camera. I immediately found a reason to slip out to the store so I could buy (borrow) one til I get mine sent up. Once I got that squared up and charged the batteries I set out to see the mess thru the lens. And when they say pictures speak a thousand words, I think they were wrong, cause I can only think of three when I walk into this tremendous mess of a hoarders paradise — Oh My God.


Relax. Breathe. Focus.

Tomorrow…see the transformation, the slow…painfully slow and cumbersome transformation.


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