Anybody that knows me, well they know what a worrisome do it all kind of person I am, and not just the halfass hurry up and finish type either. My OCD rules my life sometimes. Preparing for this trip to my grammas is no exception. So why do I sit here in front of the computer knowing I have a zillion things to do today!? I leave in two days for a fateful mission…dramatic I know, but if I fail, I won’t be too happy and I’ll feel like I let my gramma down. I have two weeks and two days to clean sweep her entire house and two car garage…I get to dump as much garbage as possible that has accumulated for well over 20+ years. My mom will be away visiting my brother in Missouri and it will be open season for me to clean clean clean! (and mom if you read this, I’ll save your makeup…I promise *winkwink*)

What worries me most is that the house itself will be so overwhelming I may never even get to the garage! Some of the boxes in there were never unpacked from the house on 46th Street in San Diego. They’ve just been sitting there all these years, frozen in time. But a treasure trove awaits there and I have to see it as an adventure rather than a dreadful job. It’s a daunting task that I always wanted to take on, I just assumed I’d have more time to do it, and I never expected it to happen during the damn winter! Brrrrrr. Good thing I’ve got some thermals and a toasty pair of Uggs!

So I’m rushing today to get through my “chores” and do extra homework and trying to think ahead as usual…when all I wanna do right now is escape into my writing and languish over a delightful breakfast in a dark quiet coffeehouse! I guess I can do that when I get my ducks lined up in Washington. Once I’ve completed my Midterm I suppose I will relax a bit more. Oh yes I still have math studies and have to endure an exam proctored at the local Clark College while I’m on “vacation”! It’s very poopy that I would have to worry about that with everything else but I need to keep plugging along if I’m going to get anywhere I suppose. So I’m going to need something to look forward to when I need some “me time” up there…Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, maybe some thrifting? HAHA yeah, just what I need to do…throw shit out and bring some more in! Maybe I’ll just stick with food therapy.


Relax. Breathe. Focus.   


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