Mirage In The Desert


So after trying a few different theme styles and posting various things…I think I have it figured out =) I’ll be updating “Photographic Memories” as often as I can with new galleries of things old and new. Enjoy!


What do I …

…  want to be when I grow up?

Jobs from A-Z

Since entering the work force at 16yrs old, I have pretty much tried every mainstream, multi-level marketing and entreuprenurial job you can think of…literaly a job from A-Z. It may take me a little bit of time to recall alllll the jobs and places but I will post em as I think of them

Avon – Arbonne – Antiques


Cocktail Waitress – Coat Check Girl

Data Entry Clerk – Dog Trainer

Ebay Seller

Furniture Refinsher – Farmers Insurance – Feed Store

Gymboree Childrens Store

Horse Tack Rhinestoning – Housesitter

Insurance Agent


Kirby Vacuum – Kaybee Toys

Leasing Consultant – Lancome – Loan Consultant

Makeup Artist – Macy’s – Model – MaryKay

Notary – Nordstrom

Office Adminstrator – Oaktree Mens Clothing

Personal Organizer – Prescriptives

Quality Inspector for Electronic Parts

Real Estate Agent – Receptionist

Sales Associate (retail) – Shoe Lady

Telemarketing Dialer – Target – T-shirt Sales

Ummm, I got nothing here…

Vacuum Cleaner Sales

Web Designer – Window Tinter

Xerox Operator (i really had a job making xerox copies for several days!)

Yellow Pages Delivery

Zzzzz … I think it’s time to retire now!